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Francis Bedford

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Francis Bedford (1816 - 1894) was a son of the architect Francis Octavius Bedford.

Bedford was an accomplished lithographer, known for his architectural works. In 1852 he started experiments with photography and participated in the first exhibition of the Photographic society in 1854.

Bedford was one of the founders of the Photographic Society. He was also the phogorapher to the Prince of Wales.

In 1859 Bedford made stereoscopic views of North Wales, which were published by Catherall and Prichard the next year.

"The stereoscopic views are certainly among the best that have been produced, supplying a rich intellectual feast: to us they have given enjoyment of the rarest character - and so they may to our readers, for they are attainable at small cost."

In 1863 Bedford took stereoscopic pictures of Stratford-on-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespear.

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