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Clouzard et Soulier

Athanase Clouzard and Charles Soulier first formed a company in 1853 together with Louis This and several other partners. (That company was located first at 10, Rue Croix-des-Petits-Champs and then at 156, Rue du Temple in Paris.)

In 1854 Clouzard and Soulier created a separate company from This and launched a business of taking and selling their own stereoviews. (The original business was sold to their former partners Jean-Gabriel Bernard and Frederic-Alphonse Voigt in 1856.) The company was based initially at 47, Rue Saint-André des Arts and, most likely at some point in 1856, moved to 28 Rue des Grands Augustins right next to the previous address.

The company of Clouzard and Soulier was one of the main competitor of Claude-Marie Ferrier in the making of stereoscopic photographs on glass. Already in 1854 they started supplying Dubosq. In return Dubosq would supply them with his stereoscopes.

In 1855 the company participated in the International Exhibition in Paris where it received a second class medal for their stereoscopic views. In 1857 the firm receives a medal at the art exhibition in Brussels.

By 1859 the firm had more than 700 views of France, Germany, Austria, and Spain.

On the 9th of June, 1859 Clouzard sold his part of the company and the rights to the whole collection of stereoviews to Soulier. The same year Soulier formed a new company with Claude-Marie Ferrier and his son.

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