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Jules Couppier

It is unclear when and where Claude-Henri-Jules Couppier (? - 1860) was born.

He was a chemist by vocation. In 1852 Couppier wrote a book called "Traité pratique de photographie sur verre, d'après les derniers perfectionnements", a manual for taking negative photographic images on albumen coated glass and printing positives off them. The book is dedicated to Niepce de Saint-Victor, who was the inventor of this process. Couppier wrote in his book:

"Sir, this small work that I deliver to the public is concerned with the area of photography of which you are the creator.

I became committed to undertaking this book through your encouragement and during my time writing it I was often guided by your gracious advice.

Allow me therefore to fulfill the duty of justice and recognition by dedicating this book to you."

In 1853 Couppier publishes some glass stereoviews of Paris and Versailles.

In 1854 he was one of the founding members of the French Photographic Society.

Couppier participated in many exhibitions including the International Exhibition of 1855 in Paris, the International Exhibition of 1856 in Brussels (honorable mention), French Photographic Society exhibition of 1857 in Paris, Photographic Society of London exhibition in 1858. Couppier also exhibited at the 1859 French art salon, the first where photographers were admitted.


In 1857 Couppier traveled to Russia to take the first series of stereoviews of Russian capitals: St. Petersburg and Moscow.

In 1859 Jules Couppier travels to the theater of the Italian war, in which France took an active part. He brought a number of stereoscopic views from this trip. That same year Couppier formed a partnership with a "painter on glass" Alfred Sarrault.

In April of 1860, while on what we can safely presume was a photographic tour of the Pyrenees, Jules Couppier died in the town of Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda.

His heritage ended up in the collection of the firm run by Claude-Marie Ferrier and Charles Soulier.

Signature of Jules Couppier, French sterpscopic photographer and publisher
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