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Marc-Antoine Gaudin

Marc-Antoine Gaudin (April 5, 1804 - August 2, 1880) was born in a family of a cognac merchant.

He was an older brother of Alexis Gaudin and Charles Gaudin.

Early in his life Marc-Antoine developed interest for chemistry. In 1827 he came to Paris to study and in soon became a calculator at the Bureau of Longitudes.

Soon after the discovery of the daguerreotype process was made public, Marc-Antoine began experimenting with photography. In partnership with the French optician Noël Marie Paymal Lerebours he made thousands of daguerreotype portraits. He was also an inventor and held numerous patents.

He did keep his day job at Bureau des Longitudes, though, and it was his brother Alexis Gaudin who, with the help of Marc-Antoine, established a daguerreotype portrait and plaque manufacturing business in Paris. Marc-Antoine for his part wrote several books on photography and was an avid contributor to La Lumiere, the magazine owned by his brothers. He became an editor in chief of La Lumiere in December, 1860.

Marc-Antoine died on August 2, 1880.

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