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The New York Stereoscopic Company

The New York Stereoscopic Company was founded in​ the beginning of 1858. It is unclear who was behind the firm, but their first address was that of the publishing house Wiley & Halsted (351, Broadway).

The company produced its own stereoviews, but also distributed those of a the main French photographers and publishers, including Claude-Marie Ferrier, Clouzard et Soulier, Jules Couppier. Apart from architectural scenery of the world, the firm also sold "domestic scenes", such as courtship, marriage, married life, sports and plays. 


Another business the firm pursued was that of taking stereoscopic portraits of groups which was shot against the specially constructed sets of painted scenery. A group could comprise up to 50 people, but 10 or 12 were "more convenient".

"These groups form the most charming pictures, and are represented in tableaux, such as sitters may desire - parlor, fireside, breakfast, nursery, etc., etc. Likeness guaranteed. "

In November of 1858 another large publishing house D. Appleton and Co. became the exclusive distributor and promoter of the stereoviews made by the New York Stereoscopic Co.

By the end of 1860 the company disappears from the advertising pages of New York newspapers, although D. Appleton itself continued to trade in stereoscopic pictures for some time.

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